So i had my surgery on tuesday . may 14th.. stayed over night in the hospital on an iv morphine and all that jazz.. came home and within 10 hours had my first was explosive. .. had to jump and sh*t in the tub I couldnt hold it.. that was fine.. the day after I had been taking t3s.. no sign of poop day 4 I had a bm.... lets juat say it felt like wolverine was clawing my insides out.. the poop was like a brick. . Then after cam the soft sh*t.(all in 1 go).. since then ive been bleeding like an id**t. It stops an hour after my bm and then returns a.upon the next. .i feel like somethings ripped inside me and im having major rectum spazzms... so bad i cant stand and need to gasp for air. Its so screwed .I stoped taking pain meds cuz im scared of being constipated again .. note .. I drank lotsa water. Had my fiber. And still was screwed up. So no pain killers. . So the pain is there . And now im sh**ting water out my ass. Just brutal. I wish I never got this damn procedure. As for swolleness. Its the same as the rest. Outside looks like nuthings been done. I wana know how to take my pain meds and stoll softners not to end up all assfucked like last time. I fell like its a catch 22.. damned if u do and damned if u dont. . Sorry for the badwords im just lost right now. ... and big boys do cry. Juat sayin . Godspeed to whoever gets this done.