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Hi, I just wanted to start a discussion for POSITIVE experience of skin tag surgery.  It is now 3 days post-op (surgery on 12/7/16) and I’m doing pretty good contrary to my great fear (yes, I have pretty low pain tolerance) before the surgery.  My story is long & detailed, but may help some people out there with the surgery date approaching. 


Little background:  I’m in my early 30’s and 1 skin tag (front – close to vagina) size of thumb nail was removed under general anesthesia on 12/7/16 @ 7am.  Skin tag resulted from external hem which I believe I had in my teens.  I do remember having bad habits like not eating much and being constipated for a while or sitting on the toilet for 20-30min reading a book,…etc.  But I never had constipation too long or severe enough to use meds.  But I started to develop tiny skin tag and kept “growing” to a size of a thumb nail.  I was too afraid of the surgery and did not seek medical advice, which I now regret.  It could have been cured if found early without going through surgery.  Anyway, now that it was size of a thumbnail, it was bothersome and I was very self-conscious.  I did not have any pain before the surgery, no constipation (regular pooping time everyday in the morning), but it was kind of hard to wipe it clean in one swipe.  The main reason for going through the surgery against my surgeon’s recommendation to NOT do it was because I just couldn’t get over this thing and drove me crazy when having sex.  None of the partners ever told me about it, but I WASN’T OK WITH IT.   So, even after the surgeon warning me of painful recovery and maybe developing a smaller skin tag, I just told him that I want to give it a try.



Here I am, bit the bullet and went through the surgery.  I read all the skin tag information I could find online before the surgery to get ready.  I took notes on all the tips to fast healing and what kind of pain level to expect and healing periods, etc.  So, I wasn’t too fearful the night before the surgery and had a good night sleep.  I was going to be under general anesthesia so, not too concerned about pain during the surgery. 

Day#1:  The surgery was about 30 min and the surgeon said the wound will be left open.  However, when I looked in the mirror after the surgery, it was too tidy to be an open wound and not much bleeding.  And when I touched it, I could feel the stitches.  The area was very hard and saw 2 little bumps (~2mm diameter each).  It was a lot smaller than my original skin tag, and considering it was right after the surgery, I was extremely satisfied.  I mean, even if the bumps didn’t reduce in size, I would still be ok.  Now, all I was afraid of was my first BM.  I was a bit sore when I first woke up from the anesthesia, but no pain.  Felt like vomiting, but the nurse injected some meds to stop that into my IV, and stopped in few minutes.  Took only 1 painkiller that was prescribed in a fear of constipation.  But, because I have low pain tolerance and a cry baby, I gave in and took another painkiller after an hour.  the pain level significantly dropped and I took a good 2hr nap.  Felt refreshed and after that I tried Tylenol instead of painkillers.  And surprisingly I was fine!  I didn’t really have much pain sitting and stand and walking around in my house if I was careful enough to move slowly.  And no shooting pains or anything.  Just achy pain?!, which is totally expected after someone cutting your skin off. 

Day#2:  started taking stool softener remembering people online saying it was extremely important since all the painkillers and anesthesia will make you constipated.  I was on liquid diet on day#1 and planned to start eating soft food on day#2 so that I can induce a BM on day#3 when my ass had some time to heal.  HOWEVER, I felt the urge all of a sudden on day#2 in the morning to go to the bathroom.  It was maybe an hour after I had my stool softener and I just knew I had to go.  I could not keep it in.  I was so fearful.  And OMG…….the first smallest poop I every saw (~1cm diameter) and some blood dropped into the toilet after 3min of pushing.  I could just feel the poop was rock hard.  And tears rolled down my cheeks while imagining how much pain I would have to endure to give birth to all of these rocks I feel in my anus excited to be released.  I thought quickly, and I just could not go through all the pain as I feared I might pass out forever.  Let me remind you I have very low pain tolerance.  L  I jumped right in to the bathtub and started massaging with HOT (but not to burn your skin) water w/ showerhead.  Since then, showerhead was my BFF.  Extremely lowers pain level since it relaxes all the muscles near anus and kind of numbs the area due to hot temp.  Anyway, after about 5min of massage w/ hot water, I was able to drop 3~4 more rocks and managed to stop the pooping process because even with all the hot water, I was too constipated and there was no way I could let all out at once.  I needed a break.  Went to bed with electric pad underneath (my #2 BF) lying on my side and fell a sleep for an hour.  As soon as I woke up, I knew my rocks were ready to be expelled once again.  So ran to the bathroom and repeated same exact step.  I was super exhausted and sore so, decided to just take the laxative (milk of magnesium).  I took 60ml (max recommended) of MOM so that I would never have to go through this pain again and OMG for 3~4hrs I went to the bathroom every 10 mins with watery poops.  That was also extremely tiring, but I thought it was much better than giving birth to rocks and tearing less than 24hrs old surgery site.  Anyway, day #2 was “poop day”.  And ever since taking MOM, I never took stool softer.  2 Tylenol every 6 hrs were all I took and totally no pain. 


Day#3:  started to eat soft foods like egg, avocado, seaweed soup,…etc.  I only ate little, but still watery BM in the morning.  I believe MOM was still in my system.  If I use this again, I would only drink 30ml max.  or start with ~10ml and increase if I don’t see any signs of BM.  Day#3 wasn’t anything new, just stayed home and sleeping a lot, moving around/sitting for a while in the house.  Then, I went out to wholefoods to buy stuff (I didn’t drive), which was about ~20min total of walking without much pain.


Day#4:  goodness this MOM is just working too good.  Felt the urge to go to the bathroom again after breakfast.  Wasn’t watery but very smooth poop.  I managed to apply numbing cream around my anus since it wasn’t an open wound and hold my poop in for 15 min before running to the bathroom.  This cream w/ hot water equals 1/10 pain level when pooping.  Just wonderful!!  And now, my pain really dropped and I can feel that the surgery site is pretty smooth.  Maybe from all the workout w/ MOM for 4 hrs on day#2?!  Donno.  I’m still eating smooth foods and did some house chores (dishwashing, cleaning the house) today for about ~40min without any pain.  And sitting is the most uncomfortable position, but now I can sit/stand without help of my upper body.  And if I’m sitting on a sofa in a certain position, I can sit forever.  Lol


So, that’s all I have for now and definitely too early to say the surgery was a success.  But, I’ve decided to write on one of the discussion boards after the surgery if I have a positive experience remembering how soothing it was to read positive stories online. 

In summary, I’m drinking ~8oz of water/day, applying coconut oil every time after cleaning, and 2 painkillers when anesthesia wore off, but after that, only taking 2 Tylenol every 6 hrs.  If I had high pain tolerance, I could probably take Tylenol right before the BM and endure the pain w/o it for the rest of the day since I don’t wake up w/ pain when I’m sleeping for 10hrs straight.  Also, I’m using numbing cream right when I feel the urge to go to the bathroom.  Lastly, nutrition wise, I was a sugar addict and decided to try low carb high fat (LCHF) diet about a month ago (Nov.  2016).  I’m not sure if that had to do with less pain or anything, but I’m hoping….it will aid in my recovery somehow because I believe the LCHF diet reduces inflammation.  Definitely no high carb/sugar during recovery.  And in general, I just felt better in terms of my overall health after starting LCHF. 


Hopefully!!!  I can comeback with another positive full recovery story!!  I’m staying very positive!!  

Good luck to all~~~~!!!  Stay positive!  It’s all going to be ok.  


oops. 32oz water!