Hello. I'm a fairly young woman who is not sexually active, and I'm currently interested in three different people (2 females and 1 male, not coming on to any of them at all). I got out of a relatively boring relationship in a painful fashion a few months ago and I'm starting new. But ever since I left that last relationship, I realized that with every day that passes, I hate men more and more.

There's something about every man that irks me; sometimes it's their voices, and other times, it's their cologne, or the way they act, or what they enjoy. I'm more than happy with most of the male friends I have but men who are not my friends (and even some who are) anger me to no end, and I can't understand why. In addition, I seem to be turned on by the sight of a beautiful woman but it takes an exceptionally beautiful man to even put a dent in me.

It probably doesn't help that I abhor sex in the first place, and men are often described in the media as being highly sexual creatures (which doesn't help their case in my book).

My last relationship ended on a rocky note, with my boyfriend going after my sister after she warned him that I was no longer interested in him. I was livid, and we broke it off with no explanation and no talking about it. I was just sick of him. We weren't sexually integrated, though I felt a bit of pressure from him.

I'm wondering if my misandric feelings are rooted entirely in what my last boyfriend did to me (and what I did to him), or if it was just carved into my system manually, and I want to know if I'm the only one out there who feels this way. I want to keep an open mind to everything and everyone, but I think that I'm no longer patient with men.