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It's the little things--and relatiionship status--that helps men look younger. Here are some of the secrets of the world's youngest looking men, none of them too hard for any man to follow

What can a man do to maintain a youthful, or at least younger, appearance past the age of 50, 60, and beyond? There is no single secret for looking young that can erase the effects of unhealthy living, but there are a large number of healthy practices that can help any man look younger. Here are the top ten.

1. Keep you weight in check to keep your manhood in good shape.

Fat cells covert testosterone into estrogen. If you want to avoid the effects of too much estrogen in your body, such as fat pads on your breasts and buttocks and shrinkage of your reproductive organs, avoid putting on the pounds.

2. Don't get into a rut.

Your face reflects the activity in your brain, and your brain is more active when you vary your daily routine. If you jog every day, try jogging backward for a few steps every day. Try a sport you don't usually play. Investigate alternative leisure activities. Simply shaking up your schedule--not so much that chaos results--will stimulate your brain and help your maintain your looks.

3. If you work out, and you don't have knee problems yet, be sure to use the knee machine.

When your knees go out, you won't be able to exercise as easily any more. When you can't exercise, you will gain weight and acquire sagging and bagging skin. Use the knee machines to keep the muscles around your knee in good shape so they can protect your knee joint.

4. Don't wear a beard. Go clean shaven.

The mechanical action of shaving renews collage in the skin of the face, erasing wrinkles even where whiskers will not cover them.

5. Try facercise.

Cosmetic queen Carole Maggio invented a series of simple exercises for the muscles of the face she calls facercise, a daily routine that corrects sagging skin, bags under the eyes, frown lines, and wrinkles in just minutes a day. Major changes, however, typically take about a year of regular practice.

6. Avoid long, steamy showers.

Hot water dries out a man's skin. When the skin dries out, the natural colors of the skin are hidden by microscopic flakes of dead, drying skin. Similarly, men need to:

7. Avoid after shave and skin care products that contain alcohol.

A splash of after shave or skin condition can feel great, as the alcohol it contains dries on your skin and cools it.

Alcohol, however, does not just kill germs. It also kills skin.

Excessive use of alcohol-based products, especially alcohol-based "moisturizers," accelerate the aging and wrinkling process.

8. Avoid the combover.

Bald can be beautiful. Combovers never are. It is better to shave your head than to try to train a few strands of hair to cover a large expanse of hairless scalp.

9. Avoid do-it-yourself all-over hair color.

Hair dyes that take away all the gray often create a worse cosmetic problem than they correct. It's important to remove just some of the gray, at least at first. If you really want to look better, see a hair stylist about lowlights (the opposite of highlights) to add the right color to your hair in ways that don't scream "Dye job!"

10. Moisturize.

Water-based moisturizers can bring out natural skin tones and stop wrinkling. Just be sure to read the list of ingredients on the label. Men should avoid oil-based moisturizers that can clog pores, alcohol-based moisturizers that dry out the skin, and moisturizers with fragrances that can provoke allergies and cause skin irritation.

The most effective way for a man to keep looking young, however, is the most fun.

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