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Ive been taking the pill for 8 days counting today. I havent missed any and have been taking them around the same time everyday like my doctor told me. this morning i had unprotected sex twice, once using the pull out method. At the time I wasnt even thinking about the fact that my birth control might not be effective, but when i got home i got to thinking and really freaked out for a min there.

I've heard that it only takes a full week for birth control to be effective if you start it the sunday after your period, but I didnt start the pill the sunday after my period. My periods arent regular, so my doctor told me to go ahead and start the pill the day i picked.

My sister told me to go ahead and get the morning after pill, but I dont want to. Its not that i want to get pregnant, i just dont like the idea of the morning after pill and well never take it.

I know there is always a chance to get pregnant while being sexually active, but what are my chances of getting pregnant? Is there a high chance that i could be or is it something that i dont really need to worry about? 


Well, to answer your last two questions, the chances that you are pregnant are not extremely high, but also they do exist so it is something that you do need to think about. It's even harder to say how exactly big are those chances since your period is irregular and you were on the pill only for 8 days (and not after your period)- you could have been ovulating at the time you had unprotected sex. So, you will need to take the pregnancy test two weeks from now. And, just for the information, Plan B contains the same kind of hormones as the BC pill does, only they are more concentrated. So, you already are taking them.