i started my period on sunday march 28th and i started taking my birthcontrol that night. i was wondeering if i was protected right away. me and my boyfriend where messing around the other night (thursday the 8th) he would put it in and pull out he did not cum inside of me if anything it was precum which i know i could still get pregnant from that but am i ok he nvr fully cumed inside of me he always pulled out we had sex last night without a condom but he pulled out so am i ok or will i be pregnant i know i should of waited like a month to not use condoms but i couldnt help it haha when i got the birthcontrol she had said i would b protected right away if i took it either on the sunday start or the day 1 start but i cant remember whicch one she said could you help please i would just like to know if im protected or not or if i could b pregnant