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I have 2 months until it's my birthday and I desperately want to lose a few lbs! When I say a few lbs, I want to lose 7 of them! Is this possible? I'm currently 5ft 4'' and 8st 5lbs. I may not be considered 'overweight' but I don't carry my weight well and as a result have a jelly belly and thunder thighs. I feel so disgusting when looking in the mirror, but here's the draw back. When I'm feeling grotesque, I reach for the comfort food and binge until my stomach hurts. I never excercise, apart from walking to and fro in a day. Please, can you help? I don't have the patience to follow a strict diet where I'm only allowed 3 tablespoons of sweetcorn for my daily intake of calories or something stupid. I do have an appetite, one that I never seem to be able to suppress. I'm up for almost every excercise, except public excercise. The thought of being seen physically scares me.


Hi there!  I would suggest to you that you do not have to starve yourself to get thin!  You will need to eat the right kinds of foods, however.  First of all, try to stay away from fried foods or any type of junk food.  Eat fresh fruits and vegetables, foods that are loaded with vitamins and nutrients your body needs!  Leaner cuts of meat is also essential.  Next, you can exercise at home, out of the public eye.  Stomach crunches and situps will help you tighten your tummy and help get rid of the 'jelly belly.'  If you can invest in a Wii Fit and Wii system, this is an excellent tool to workout and have fun at it!  You can also track your weight and progress in this game.  It is worth every penny.  Good luck and I know you can do it!