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I am a 17 year old female - 5ft. 3in and I weight 143lb.

I am on my high school's cross country team and crew team- I workout a lot. I am also preparing to run my first marathon next month, so I have been running A LOT for the past few months. 

 ***this post is edited by moderator *** *** web addresses not allowed*** I log in all of my foods, count my calories (my limit is between 1400 and 1500), watch my portion sizes etc. I am not concerned with my weight on the scale because I understand that muscle plays a role, but I do want to drop another size in clothing - AND LOSE MY BELLY FAT. It won't go away no matter what I do. A few months ago I lost about 8lb and went down a clothing size, which I am proud of, but now I am at a serious plateau which has been discouraging and has caused me to splurge more often. 

I do a lot of cardio... do you think I might not do enough strength training? If I feel like it, I'll do a strength training DVD with Jillian Michaels, once a week. But other than that I barely do anything, and when I do it's inconsistent. Do you think I'll begin to see a difference if I increase the strength training? I will have to eventually because I need to do some pre-season training for Crew this springtime, which obviously requires a lot of strength and endurance. 

Please help and be as specific as possible. I just want to lose inches and all of the fat on my belly. Are there very specific foods I should totally cut out of my diet besides refined sugars, soda, etc. Thanks!


You do a lot of exercise so it is probably linked to your diet. I made the mistake of simply cutting down my calorie intake - this simply helped me lost like 2 lbs but then it steadied off. You need to do a few things asides the usual (snacks - processed fats etc)

1. eat more good fats and protein - red meats, chicken, oily fish 
2. Have fruit and veg at least once every single day as part of either breakfast, lunch or dinner
3. if you snack - eat seeds, nuts, dried fruit - DONT overdo it though
4. Complex carbs are ok before lunch period, but don't be afraid to look weird and eat chicken/pork chop for breakfast - keeps you fuller longer and contains good fats which counteract bad fats.

I did all the above recently and after 10 solid years battling with my weight - which i believed would NEVER budge - I've lost 2 stone. Forget calorie counting - most days eating calorie rich foods like fruit, avocados, red meats - make me hit 2000 - however, i've still lost a lot of weight at a good pace over the last few months.

I conclude, im not big bonded - as i initially thought!

Good luck - keep up the good work!