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I 26 year old male gonna be 27 in april. I weight 230 pounds, last summer I gain 10 lbs cause I didn't work much from my part time job and I gotten lazy as well. I need to 30 pounds by August cause my sister gonna get married and I want to be in shape or at least lose my belly, is really visible now. How can I lose it by August?


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This is totally possible.

You should pay the biggest attention to what you eat. What do you usually eat?

Reduce the "bad carbs" (white bread, white rice, tortillas, ... ), increase your veggies; skip all sugary drinks and alcohol, increase the amount of water. Eat lean meat (chicken breast, ...) and fish ... 

If possible exercise in the gym or at home, if not - go fast walking (start with that and then slowly increase to jogging) - at least 3x a week - slowly (in 2-3 months) increase to 5x times a week.

In a few months - it would be great if you could buy yourself a pair of dumbbells. There are videos on YT Steadyhealth channel and girls show very well how exercises are done...