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Hi, my name is Journey, Im 15 5'6 and currently weigh 176 lbs. My goal weight is 125 or so. Im active around 2 times a week each time being for around 2 hours. The reason i want to loose weight is bacause my new softball team in June of this year is doing Tournaments at places like Florida and California, Myrtle Beach, Ocean City etc. And this year i would really love to feel comfortable in a bakini and some shorts. I gained alot of weight over the winter after not being able to do anything from me breaking my shoulder. Any way, I'd greatly appreicate if someone could give me a 5 day work out plan and some healthy foods that will boost my matobalism anything that will help. Thanks


Well to tell you the truth. Losing 55 LBS. in 3 months is NOT HEALTHY! Literally you would need to work out 7 days a week for 4 hours a day. YA it wouldn't be fun! Try making your goal less! At 5'6 you should be aroung 135 -145 pounds! NOT 125!


I would just limit yourself to all junk food to one treat on the weekend. NO MORE THAN ONE TREAT! That doesn't mean you get to eat the whole doritos bag! 12 chips will do. Then eat lost of greens, protein, milk, water, and lots of fruits! Also, on yotube check out cardio workouts! Even try a belly dancing class! It will help you get the body you want in NO time!

Since you are a girl, try jumping on a trampoline at a friends house! It is really fun, but helps you lose 100 calories in one hour!