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Hello, I'm 13 and I'm fat. I weigh about 11stone and I want to get back to 8/9 stone! I don't care how unhealthy it is, I just need help! I hate the way I am :$


I get 11 stone as 154 lbs.  that is a lot for a 13 year old.
The only way you can lose weight is if you consume fewer calories than you need to maintain yourself.  The question is how do you do that without using willpower and starving yourself.

You are still 13 so I would recommend a diet that is well balanced and high in nutrients.  In the military we had the concept of one starch, one protein, and one vegetable.  The biggest problem will be the carb portion in your meals and their composition(simple or complex).  Choose smaller portions of the complex carbs to go with your protiens and vegetables.  Making just very small differences in your meals will over time make a big difference.  You can also eat an unlimited amount low starch veggies this program.  Proteins are like chicken, beef, ham, eggs, peanut butter, beans and the like.

If you are forced with food choices as in a restaurant.  Choose options that are lower in carbs and more vegetables.  Choose with your health in mind not your taste buds.

Here are some foods you should eliminate: Sometimes just eliminating these things alone will make a difference
sodas and fruit juices should be replaced with water
fried foods should be substituted with baked
all processed foods replaced with natural whole foods
avoid luncheon meats if possible
Eliminate or cut down on grain or dairy only if you have sensitivity to them

Basic idea:  Nutrients up carbs down. processed out whole foods in.

portion sizing and eating slow is also helpful.


Thank you! I just need to get rid of this fat:(


two hamburger patties a day don't eat past five, water only cheese five pickles on each hamburger, ALOT OF WATER.... thats it, been doing it for a month no exercise and lost 35 pounds as of today...want more info yyou can contact me _[removed]_