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im very skinny and at the age of 21 my weight is just 48kgs then i started to go to gym regularly and had some weight gainer ..., the weight gainers also showed me a good result i made my weight to 62kgs in 5months ..., but from the begining im having my chest as a big problem.., i ve a hallow chest so to improve my weaker muscle im training more for it can anyone say a better sollution to make my chest as normal..., and i fear that will it create a problem in my future and have a suspect that it was "Pectus Excavatum" so i consulted a doc and he told me nothing to worry its just a calcium deficiency but i cant take it and fear a lot for it.... can anyone explain why??? and how can i improve my chest shape???


Hello fxav,

I can't think of any reason why you can't take calcium supplements.  Calcium is very important not only for bone development and maintenance but for release of neurotransmiiter at the synapse.  You definitely need to get some calcium in your system.  Go to the store (pharmacy) or a place like Walmart and pick up a calcium supplement.  Make sure it has vitamin D in it as well.  Vitamin D is necessary for calcium absorption.   Bone is a living tissue and as such is constantly remodeling itself meaning it can make new bone.  I think if you just get a calcium supplement you will be okay.