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I have a swollen uterus with burning discharge, red swollen vulva, heat from the uterus and vulva area, pain, and gas. I had a pap, was checked for STD's, and yeast infection, results came back neg. Have not been sexually active for a year and a half. Was with faithful partner for 6 years before that. What can it be, the gyno is at a loss.


I also didn’t have sex for a long time. It’s been two years actually.
For the last three days, I had burning feeling while urinating and pain above the pelvic region. My vulva is also swollen and my urine is sort of cloudy.
I have an appointment on Thursday but I wanted to ask you about what your gyno suspected to be in your case in the beginning?

I will let you know what I did on Thursday! Hope to hear from you!