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Hello I am

im a 27 yr old sexually active woman. I have the symptoms of pelvic pain, gas, discharge(doesnt smell fishy but more blood),slight burning, fatigue(shakey feeling) and back pains. I have tested neg twice for a UTI in which one was cultured. I have also tested neg for clamidia.Gonerhea, hiv/aids, . I notice the pelvic and back pain moslty when i have gas... The dischage does not itch or burn really. I noticed these symtoms after a quick swap in which my said said "seemed to be BV". Do you think its possible to have something stuck like hair in my urethal opening? Ive been treated for clymida and gonerhea with the one time pills 1g of each and symptoms seemed to go away but came back after3 days. Ive also taken antibiotic for uti( didnt do a thing)...... HELP, What could this be?????


This sounds a lot like what I am currently going through. Is the gas discharged through your urethra? I have had a CAT scan, blood work, seen my Gyn and a GP = can't get into a Urologist until March. The pain feels like a cattle prod right above my pelvic bone, very sporadic, may hit every 15 minutes and then not for an hour. Intense pain throws me out of my chair. Embarrassing.