I am hoping somebody could help me/give me some comfort on my situation. I'm truly at a loss.

For the past 3 years, I've been on Lo Loestrin - always feeling a bit of a burning sensation in the crease of my vulva, where my vagina is. I would always go to the gyno and get diagnosed with either a Yeast or BV, would take treatment for it, and it would come back within a week. To be fair, I was on birth control and also suffered heavily from a big sweet tooth - not the best combination.

Anyway, this past August, I was burning raw, sex burned at the entrance until I was lubricated enough, and I was so itchy. I went to my primary doctor and she did the whole lab routine, was positive for a Yeast infection. I did the treatment, symptoms didn't go away. So 2 weeks later, I went to my gyno instead and was diagnosed with Trich?!!?! I've been in a monogamous relationship for 3 years with the same person, who has been my first partner so you can imagine my distress.

I took the antibiotics for Trich and the redness cleared up everywhere except around my clitoris...where it was raw feeling. Imagine touching a blister on your foot that has just been picked, that is how it felt...dry and burning. So I went back and she noticed that I still had some bacteria so she prescribed me a 1 day dosage of Clindamycin cream.

After finishing both treatments, I started to notice swelling of my labia minora and little straight patches on each side that looked like skin was peeling? But it wouldn't peel off, it's confusing. Looked almost like cracks in the skin that were getting ready to peel off. On top of the swelling, I noticed that by my vaginal entrance, where the burning pain still was, were red skin patches...that literally throbbed to the touch.

I went back to my primary doctor, who assumed it was a yeast infection...told me to take Monistat while I waited for the lab results. I tried Monistat 7, but 3 days in I was so severely swollen, so much more red and raw, and in unbelievable pain. I went back to my gyno who then said I had BV in my cervix. She prescribed me Flagyl for 7 days along with Tercanazole at the same time to counteract any yeast infection that could pop up.

Fast forward 2 weeks later, I've been off the pill for 2 months, and have been using Vitanica Yeast Arrest Suppositories for 1 week now (4 full weeks for a chronic infection) along with Calendula ointment on the redness...I've noticed a lot of the redness by the clitoris area has slowly subsided, and the burns are more itchy than raw, as long as they are moisturized, they don't burn. But I still have a bit of swelling and the peeling cracks in my labia minor are still there...my labia minora used to be so smooth and now they have this weird texture of raised skin - not herpes or blisters or anything...just really subtle raised skin and then the straight lines of skin that looks cracked/like it's peeling off.

I have a gyno appointment December 10th with a new gyno, who I hope will be of more help than my current. But I'm at a loss...has anyone experienced this? Should I be expecting to have a skin disorder? A really bad yeast infection? I know homeopathic treatments take a long time to actually treat the problem, which is why the Vitanica homeopathic treatment needs at least 4 weeks for a chronic case....but the skin is still swollen, has these cracks where it's usually always smooth, is still red/raw in certain areas, and has a slightly 'rash' like raised appearance near my urethra. 

Please someone help me - should I keep using the homeopathic treatment until my appointment? Anyone know what it could be? Bad skin irritation? Is the peeling just skin growing over the damaged skin? I have noticed some redness disappearing with the homeopathic suppositories but the overall appearance of the vulval skin has left me sick with disgust, fear, and emotional distress. These cracks all started after I finished my first dose of antibiotics (2 months ago). I want this to go away. I don't want any more painful sex, I just want a healthy, normal looking area.