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I hope anyone can help or suggest me...Many thanks for reading this :)

  • It all started in 2010, on my back with small white dots that turned red and then turned bigger brown with scales. They are NOT itchy(as I had read it is normally itchy). I went to see my first dermathologist in 2010. He didn't do biopsy and told me it looks like eczema. He gave me CLOBEX (clobetasol propionate) lotion 0.05%. I used this steroid lotion for 1 week. All red dots went away. 2 weeks after they were back and even more dots and expanding. Once the dots found their ways to new spots, they always showed up there. I kept using the same steroid even thought I knew it was bad for me. After 1 week of using the lotion, I stopped and gave it a break. I have never had big patch like everyone else. They are always small dots but there were thousands of them... After 2-3 years of using CLOBEX. My insurance decided to not cover. The price in the US is $1200! How can this small bottle of steriod lotion can cost like a diamond ring!
  • I can't afford to buy this lotion anymore. I went back to see the same doctor. He gave me other steroid lotions but they didn't help since I didn't know that CLOBEX is the strongest one in the US market. Nothing less stronger can save my skin now. He sent me to do food allergy tests and skin patch tests. I am not allergic to anything. I actually tried to stop eating meat for 3 months. It didn't help. I stop eating gluten for another 3 months. It didn't help. 
  • I decided to change a doctor. My second dermathologist told me the same that this looked like eczema. He suggested me to soak myself in bleached water(YES, put a cup of bleach in the bath tub and soak in it for 15 mins). I tried. It didn't help. He also prescribed another sterois cream which didn't help.
  • I decided to change to another doctor. This third doctor did a biopsy on my back. The pathology result came back. She said it is "subacute eczema". She prescribed me another steroid lotion, which didn't work.
  • I decided to give us and use the generic version of clobex, which is still very expensive (about $550). 
  • in 2014, My stress level got its peak(stress and body heat are the bad news to trigger this) and I had bad flare-ups of these red dots everywhere on my back and my chest. It never expanded to the front before. That was the first time and I got more stressed. As I mentioned, once these dots found new spots, they will always show up there. Then, 70% of my body wwas covered with dots. My doctor prescribed me a steroid pack (pills) to take for 1 week. I took them all for 1 week and all dots went away. My body was clear! Unfortunately, 1.5 weeks after I stopped the seroid pills, I had the worst breakout everywhere more than 80% of my body. 
  • I went to see a new dermathologist. She did another biopsy. She said it is not eczema. It might have been inccorectly diagnosed. The pathology result came back and said it is PITYRIASIS ROSEA. This word is new to me. My doctor said she wants to try the narrow band UVB ray that she thinks it might help. Now I am waiting for my first appointment
  • While waiting, I tried to explode my skin(where the red dots are) in the sun for 30 mins in the morning for 1 week. It isn't get better. It looks the same.

I wonder if anyone has the same symptom as me. I am feeling really hopeless. Hope UVB ray will help. I will update.



Please update. Thank you.