I've got a terrible rash that has invaded everywhere with the exception of my face (so far) and it's itchy like crazy.  It's like I fell into a neddle plant or had fiberglass run across the areas.


The rash usually starts out as small red dots, then they sort of spread out, and eventually some of them start to weep what looks to me to be a light amber color fluid when it dries and it's sticky if I am able to wipe the fluid on my hands.

I've been in the hospital for a leg infection and the rash at the same time and seen infectious disease doctors, dermatologists etc.  Nobody can figure out what it is that I'm allergic to.

They tell me they can't even start testing me for allergies until this all goes away since it may just be this rash that appears when they do the tests instead of whatever the testing has in it causing it.

I've eliminated (I believe) the possible suspects like bath soap, laundry soap by using only hypoallergenic soap in the shower, and using fragrance and dye free laundry soap and am now also doing a 2nd rinse at the end of the laundry cycle.

The first doctor that I saw said she think's it's scabies.  I ended up in the hospital for chest pains later that day, the hospital staff did skin scrapings and it did not contain any thing scabies.

The second hospital that I went to (after checking myself out of the hospital a day early) also tested for scabies by doing a skin scraping as well as a skin biopsy, no scabies in either, but in the biopsy they did find puss under the skin and some allergy cells but It was nothing conclusive as to what this rash is all about.

The dermatologist believes that it's not related to anything that I'm eating, which hasn't changed in forever.  No new medicines, nothing I can possibly come up with.

They were giving me predisone and a steroid cream to apply to the rashy areas, I went through the first 1 pound of cream in about 2 weeks due to how the rash is spread out all over my body.

It really didn't seem to clear up anything, and new spots would appear out of nowhere, it was like I could chase the rash but it won't stop, every day there are new spots.


So, how do I find out what I'm allergic to?  Where do I even start?