Ok so heres my story for all you itchy suffer's out there. So the first sign of anything was on the tip of penis. Then it I had to red circle spots on my back. Went to the doctor about 3 times and the third visit the doctor said it was pityriasis rosea and prescribed me some steriods and creams. I thought to myself what are the chances of the herald patch starting on my penis... This was a very uncomfortable moment in my life. Never in my life have I had to say no to sex... Girls were just flocking at me the time I was out of commission. I was so depressed haha. All I could do is try ever single flavor of ben and jerrys ice cream and hope it went away eventually. Never did!!! My mom starting itching too so i knew something was up! Finally saw a dermatalagist. By this time i have blisters in between my fingers, penis and scrotum covered in red spots and my entire body had allergic rashes. So itchy!! So during my derm appointment he just glance at me for a second and was like "yup you have excema, i'll give you shot and blah blah" I pretty much told him to go f**k himself and that he was wrong and give me some skin sample now! What do you know after the skin sample he found Scabies! I've been getting eaten alive for 3 months because these doctors would refuse to give me proper skin tests. I later find out this is the most over looked skin condition is often overlooked by doctors because its easily confused for other things. The first day I start my scabie treament and already feel better. Don't listen to the stupid doctor listen to yourself and your body to figure out whats wrong. Also force them to do skin samples better safe then sorry, in my case my penis was the scabies favorite feeding spot!! ahhhh almost back to my normal sexy self, can't wait to f**k all these bit***s again and get it inn again, f**k 3 months will drive you crazy. Sorry I love p***y and my family gules... Hope this helps.. My neck broke out, my armpits broke out, legs and feet... everything is this is you its probably scabies even if your doctor thinks otherwise.