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I hve been suffering for 4yrs with eggx burps diorea sickness very very swollen tummy right under my boobs. I dmt hve a gorebladder. Please can somebody help?


Hello, lizzy.  There is a bacteria you may have in your stomach causing the sulfur-like burps you are experiencing. It is called Helicobacter Pylori or Giardia. This nasty bacterium causes ulcers in the stomach as well as bloating, burping, and heartburn.  The doctor can check for it by doing a urea breath test.  You can have it treated by taking antibiotics.  Giardia is a parasite that causes the same type of symptoms.  It can be transmitted by feces that has ended up in the mouth.  Have you been around any unclean water sources or possibly had a oral-fecal contamination?  Sulfur burps is common with both of these. 

Who has had either Helicobacter Pylori or Giardia?  Describe your experience with it.