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I have been having white discharge everyday (all the time) since i was...11 or so.
So whenever I go to the restroom, there is always a lot of my underwear. ...Is that normal?

And My p***y smells, and i dont think i have an infection. (I dont have any of the symtums) I dont know what else it could be.


Some women are having much discharge than the others but usually there is no strange odor because if there is than you are probably infected with something. Even if you think that there are no symptoms this isn’t necessarily correct. For some infections, like Human Papiloma Virus, signs could be hidden for years.

There is one more reason for larger amount of the discharge and it is concerned bacteria. Maybe your bacteria’s down there are working too much and this is causing your vagina to produce more discharge.

Anyway it would be best to visit your doctor and do all the necessary tests just to be sure that everything is fine. Let us know about the results and good luck.