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     25/male/overweight/non-smoker/non-drinker. A routine blood test in November 2012 showed ALT of 65 and AST of 43. Doctor referred me for an ultrasound which revealed fatty liver. I was told to lose 5-10% of my body weight and it would reverse naturally, but I delayed getting on a diet/exercise regimen due to the illness and eventual passing of my mother. I realize that this was unwise, but I have a bad tendency to turn to food in emotionally difficult times.



     Since around Christmas of 2012, I have had a relatively constant feeling of a "stitch" under my lower right rib. I wouldn't describe it as pain, but it is persistent and noticeable. I have no way of knowing if it is muscular or a sign of liver inflammation, but regardless it has caused me to return to reading up on NAFLD in earnest. 



     I have seen a lot of things that make me concerned for my long-term prognosis, even with diet and exercise. I have read of instances in which the advancement from NAFLD to cirrhosis is rapid, within a few years or less, and instances in which people dieted, exercised, saw their liver enzymes return to normal, and yet the condition advanced to NASH anyway. There seem to be conflicting reports on whether or not diet and exercise are always effective in reversing NAFLD. I thought I would ask here to see if there is anyone who has actually been diagnosed with NAFLD who has actually successfully reversed it, meaning not just lowered liver enzymes but fat being gone on ultrasound/biopsy/etc. In spite of my doctor saying that it is "easily reversible" it seems to be a lot more complicated than that...and now I'm concerned that I may have something potentially irreversible. The thought of being headed toward cirrhosis at my age (well, any age) is extremely unnerving.



     Just as some extra background, my only prior blood test showed an ALT of 51 in March 2012, so I have had this in some form for at least months and perhaps years before diagnosis. Is it possible that I am already at the NASH stage if my ALT increased 14 points in less than a year? And if so, is it too late to be reversed at this point?



     If any of you have personal experience in combating fatty liver, please help to shed some light on the truth of this entire issue...I would greatly, greatly appreciate it. Thanks so much.


I am 30 year old female and found out last year I had a fatty liver through a random ultrasound, i still have a fatty liver, i eat the right foods and changed my diet, problem is i need to exercise. I could not figure out why i still had a fatty liver after a year of finding out, was eating better but the trick is exercise!!!

My uncle who is in his 40's had a fatty liver a few years ago and is a non-smoker/non-drinker and his liver is now perfect and that is without exaggeration!! With a good food plan and exercise, you can get your liver back on track.


Good luck with it!!



When people are told they need to exercise, they think they need to join a a gym. If you live where there are sidewalks, go for a walk when you get up in the morning, and after dinner in the evening. You may start out where you get 6 houses down and turn back, but at least your walking. The most important part of exercise is to elevate your heart rate and get your blood moving. You will find after a week or more, you are walking around the block. Get a pedometer, you wear, not a lot, and it will tell you the distance you have walked. Soon you will be competing against yourself to improve the distance. If you have a friend or neighbor, ask them if they would walk with you, it makes it less boring when you have someone to talk to. Even 5 minutes a day on a stationary bike, will make you feel better. When you shop, check all the ingredients in what you buy. NOTHING with fructose corn syrup, and nothing with aspartame! People with Fibro myalgia have reported this pain full condition going completely away from eliminating aspartame from their diet. And don't put yourself on a diet, change the way you eat. Usually eating salads, dark green vegetables, The darker the green,, the better they are for you. Drink juice, 100% pure juice, not a juice cocktail made of concentrates of other juices.I weigh what I did in high school, and made this drop of some 30 lbs. by changing my diet.
Have breakfast, just a bowl of oatmeal, which with a microwave takes 4 minutes, or cream of wheat. You don't need processed grains formed into shapes with all kinds of things added. If you buy a health bar, read the ingredients first. Most have preservatives, and other chemicals added. Hungry eat a banana, apple, or another fruit or veggie you like. When I started juicing, I thought I would hate beet juice, now it is my favorite ingredient, and use the eaves as well. the dark green ones are good for the first month, they help clean out your system and detoxify the system. Then you can cut back to more carrots, celery beets. and if I am using just veggies, I will add some canned tomato juice, as long as it is 100% pure juice. And you will be amazed the things you can make with the waste of the items you juice. First, put a plastic bag in the bin, so easy to clean up. Do carrots, celery, most of your veggies, and make vegetable soup. It isn't going to be clear like your used to, cut it is delicious! So get your body moving, doing any thing, and pay attention to what you buy and what you eat.