I have never been pregnant before so I have no idea what the symptoms are, kind of at a loss here. Can anyone help me out? I typically have a seven day period, it varies when I start but almost always lasts seven days. Anyways I recently started having sex again, like about a month ago and two weeks I had my period. Only it stopped after the third day, it wasn't very heavy the last day and then the fifth day I spotted and then that was that. I have some symptoms as well, headaches, lower back aches, smells are stronger, I get nauseous and have gotten sick on occasion, I have been very very moody, I have been getting a lot of acne and have lost my appetite, which never happens! I also have been sleeping a lot more, my breasts are growing, I have been having weird fluttery feelings in my stomach area and subtle cramps in my stomach but I have taken five hpt(clear blue digital)and they all have been negative so what on earth could be wrong with me? Am I pregnant? Is it too soon to tell?