Hi, I am 22 years old and have been on birth control for about 4 years, I have never had an abnormal period and it very rarely is late. I only have one ovary due to the loss of one of them 3 years ago. I recently switched birth control brands to a cheaper one because the one i was on was outrageous expensive. For about the past two weeks I have been feeling very bloated and have had severe breast tenderness. My last period started on the 12th and ended on the 14th it was very light and didnt even really amount to a period. I dont often miss my pills but i have alot of symptoms that make me think i might be pregnant. I have been bloated and have had cramping in my lower stomach and have been urinating alot and severe heartburn (i never get heartburn). I took a home pregnancy test today and it came back Not Pregnant. I am suppose to have my period this week. SHould I wait to see if my period starts or go to the doctor. I just want to know whether I could be pregnant or not. and if its possible for a digital pregnancy test to be wrong the first time. Since I only have one ovary i thought maybe i dont produce enough hormones for it to show up? Someone please help with any information you may have. Thanks