Hi, I am super confused. My boyfriend and I have had unprotected sex for about two months now. I had my period at the beginning of December 2012 and then two weeks later I spotted for about two days and then stopped for a day and then a little bit of spotting the next day. When it came time for my period I didn't get it and I still have not started bleeding. About a week after I had this strange spotting I was extremely tired all of the time and felt bloated. I started feeling nauseous and upset to my stomach and having migraines. Then I started eating strange things and not even realizing it until someone said something about it. I also got a yeast infection which I have not had since I was in middle school and now that that is gone I still have this white thick discharge all the time. I have terrible gas and have been constipated since all of the other symptoms started occurring and urinating constantly it seems like. About three days ago my nipples started to get sore and it just keeps getting worse everyday. Also I have been getting the chills and then getting hot flashes and I have terrible heartburn at one time or another everyday. I have taken three HPT and they were all negative and I just got a blood test a few days ago which was also negative. I need help!!