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hi, I'm 17 and had unprotected sex about a week ago, and I'm on the pill, but I'm just not sure. He said he didn't cum in me, and my period's supposed to start in about 2 weeks. I think he might have gotten some precum in me, but that's it. I haven't felt any symptoms except I've had some random pain in my breasts, but I tend to get those anyway. though everytime I feel a slight pain in one of my breasts and freak and think I'm pregnant. Should I wait and see if I have my period before I start to worry? Also since I'm on the pill could I still get pregnant and have my regular period?


Hi Guest,
Sounds like a lot of worry. I would definetely educate myself on these issues, MANY doctors websites that can tell you about semen and preejaculation etc.. You are on the pill, and yes the pill does have a failure rate at times. Some women have gotten pregnant on the pill, but each woman is different, and their stories are different as well.
The pill may or may not work best depending on the womens weight. I know that is something that is often not mentioned with the birth control patches, and some women find themselves pregnant, because some patches are not very effective with women who are a little heavier. ALSO, birth control is rendered LESS effective when you are on a course of antibiotics, it is suggested by pharmacists to use an alternate form of birth control up to and including a week after you finish your course of antibiotics.
Seems like ALOT of worthless stress to put yourself through for sex. Just a though.