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i had sex with my boyfriend a lot this month, always unprotected..
i know, stupid.. but we have agreed to start using condoms.
anyways. i am due to get my period in a week now, but i'm just worried because i have very tender/swollen breasts.. other then that there are no other signs of pregancny i can notice..
he never has ejaculated in me, but i know theres a chance of pre cum..
i'm on birth control (alesse) and i started it about three months ago now.
i took it two hours early once this month in the very beginning of the month

what are my chances of being pregnant??


Mnikiaf, the first thing I will say to you is; read the information that comes with your birth control prescription. While I am certainly no expert I have found that with most birth control, if you fail to take a pill on time you are supposed to take the pill as soon as you remember, meanwhile continuing on with your regularly scheduled pill regimen. The packets usually state that no other form of contraceptive is necessary if you miss a day, as long as you take the missed pill asap. Taking it 2 hours early should not be a problem. Also pre-cum has no sperm in it, if you do a quick web search you will find a lot of information on it. The only chance that there might be sperm in pre-cum is in the instance that the male has not urinated between ejaculations. There are many websites that can do a better explanation than I can.

From personal experience I can tell you, don't look up information on pregnancy symptoms and try and self diagnose yourself, most sites you will find are meant to give hope to women who are trying to get pregnant and not geared towards women who aren't. Every woman is different, what is a sign of pregnancy for one women is PMS or indigestion in another. You WILL NOT know until a missed or late period, you have to wait and take a pregnancy test if you are nervous. Tender breasts are a very common premenstrual symptom, when I was younger it wasn't something I had often but as I have gotten older I experience it more often. It is also a side effect of birth control.

It does not seem likely that you are pregnant. Birth control is 99% effective in preventing pregnancy. I will admit I am not a doctor, simply a woman who is paranoid about pregnancy, knows what you are going through, and has done a bit of research on the subject. If you are still nervous, I would suggest talking to your boyfriend about it.

I hope this is helpful to you!