I am already in hell for the last half year , please save me!

  1. I have sharp bites on my body like tiny red dots  (now it is a bit  less after spraying) 
  2. Black little things on the bedding and every where. as well as in the clothes and trainers which bite sometmes. (60 degrees are not enough) 
  3. Sometimes I can see tiny round dots under the skin.(on the eyes leads and hands)  
  4. Black marks of insects on the wall of lime, they scratched it.

          but specially insects where there is a computer.I can feel them around.

     5. Insects are attacking me from the hair / nose  in my sleep some                                            early mornings . (I put tee tree oil in the nose its a bit better, never could catch them            though I saw them flying from my hair and I can feel them in the nose.

     6. I have also tiny little things (may be the insects eggs)  sometimes on  my  face in my          hair , nails, body(which sometimes bite) , nose , ear and   I  have found also in my              eyes which I washed a lot.

          I collect the them  and put in a selotape so they cant move.

     7.  I have had rashes on my face, chest and hand. 

     8.  The best doctors gave me twice  Inverctine 3 months apart, The                                          Parasitologists  in the UK found nothing  in all  what I brought and say   it is just fluffs          and dead skin,  they think that i imagine though my boyfriend and mum are                          bitten too but nothing like my suffer  and  worries. (my nephew 5 years old told me :            you brought us  insects to  the house) sometimes when my boyfriend touch me he              feels insects around. me and also near the computer.

    9.    After we sprayed in whatever you name it I  started having also                                           white staff in the house and in the hair, some bigger, some very tiny                                      and some tiny  and  shining , they are every where..(it was few before                                  and now it is a lot)

          When I shake strong my hair I have little white things like feathers but  they                          are not feathers. which I can not catch, they fly and stick to the walls.

   10  .I used Sulphfetes shampoo, Carbolic soap,, Hibiscrub, Neem oil.... I   sleep                        on plastic sheets.

        I think it can pass to others as I saw little spot under the skin of my nephew  too, and         felt insects around his computer.

        Is it contagious? how cotegious , how nclose I can go near a person without they               catch it?? how can I get rid of them? of course I  have suicidal  thoughts.

         Can anyone help? Please advise.

        Thank you