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17 year old here, had unprottected sex with someone about 3 weeks ago (yes I know, how stupid am I) in the last two days I'v had some signs that I have Herpes. I'v got tiny white dots on the inside of my lip (not sure if they were there before) little red dots on my groin area, however I did shave with just a razor about a month ago so I'm hoping it's possibly just ingrown hairs. 

I have some pimples/dots on my shoulders and a small red dot appeared on the tip of my penis the other day then disappeared today. I have had some slight itchyness although I'm not sure if it's just my fears of an STI playing tricks on me.

I did ask the girl I slept with about this and she assured me she gets's checked fairly regularly and is going to get checked again tomorrow.  


It probably is, otherwise I'd be a vergin that is pregnant as well. I'm 14