I'm about to commit suicide this week. Please help me. I need some advice.  Hi, My name is Aneika. i really need help. I'm 16 about to be 17. I'm a senior. I'm planning to go to college. My boyfriend and i love each other. He's an adult. (20).  He doesn't like to have sex but i force him to do it every time i go to his place. Sometimes if he doesn't do it, i think he's cheating. I don't feel good. I sleep a lot, my breasts are swollen, and i have nausea (every time i eat).  I think i'm pregnant. My boyfriend doesn't want me to get an abortion, he says he'll take care of it. I'm afraid because of the law, i think he might go to jail because i'm a minor. My parents are the strictest parents in the world ! we are Christian ! (we) believe in marriage before sex !! How can i get an abortion in NJ without my parents knowing. I have the money. He's working, he have a good job.