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I am 13 soon to be 14 july 10th. I usually have my period at the end of the month and it goes away by the 8th - 10th. I havent had my period at all this month. And yes ive been having sex. And im seriously so freaking scared. My mom told me she would send me away if i got pregnant anytime soon. I dont know what to do at all... My friend is bringing me a pregnancy test this weekend but I'm just so scared. What if i am? My parents will kill me...


Dear, for starters, do not get an abortion, usually an abortion will result in a woman developing PTSD or worse

okay, so in the meantime, do you have a friend or other family member you can stay with? Also, seek out your local crisis pregnancy center for help and, if you don't want your child, then you give it up for adoption so that another family can care for it in your place

Finally dear, don't be afraid. I know it's scary, but nothing can compare to seeing the beauty of your newborn child for the first time!

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