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Met up with 2 different guys in 2 different nights and did oral and slight anal. No ejaculation but I understand there's always the risk of pre-cum. I was not thinking about all the possible STDs I could have gotten. Never felt so stupid in my entire life. Within a day or two I woke up and I felt a sore throat so I looked in the mirror and there was swollen tonsils, and red bumps back of my throat. I panicked. Within a few days I got white things on my tonsils which eventually fell off. In just a few days after meeting up with those guys I got every hiv symptom except a rash. I asked my partners if they've been tested lately and they both said yes, they were negative. I thought maybe I was just being a hypochondriac... I went in and got tested for mono/strep but both were negative. Within a week I tested for stds but everything was negative. I didn't understand. I still had this sore w red bumps back of throat. I went in to a real doc two weeks later and he said it's probably post nasel drip. I took medication but nothing changed. As a month went by I went back in to test one more time for stds but everything was negative. I went back in to the doc and told him the post nasel meds didn't work. He gave me a shot of Antibitics in the butt and antibiotic meds. Within days of taking them nothing changed. The red bumps didn't go away. I understand HIV won't appear on a test until like 3 months so I'm just waiting until I go get tested again. What else can I do. I've gargled salt water, I've drank so much tea w honey. I'm constantly spitting up clear phlegm. Two days ago I went out and got really drunk w friends and the next day i puked all day long. Got an awful flu now. Never had a hangover like this before. That makes me worried for hiv also.


Ok HIV transmission threw Oral is a very low risk. The incubation time is roughly 10-14 days with most of the stds including HIV HPV and Herpes.

Do you suffer from seasonal pollen allergies?

You may want to have your DR to give you a referral to an ear nose and throat specialist as well have an allergy blood screen done.