K so I last performed unprotected oral sex on the guy I was dating and was with another married woman on 2/4/2012. A week later I feel aches in my muscles and I have a sore throat. Also red blisters in my throat. I start to get a skin rash that's kind of patchy that makes my skin lighter and darker ( I have brown skin). The sore throat goes away but the skin thing remains and my skin burns, little bumps pop up like folliculittis and my eyes are always swollen . And my tongue turned green like I have an infection. I brush it and it never comes back. Anyway, I'm freaking out so on 2/24/2012. I get a full blood test from A-Z: HIV 1 and 2, Herpes Simplex 1 and 2, The clap ,gonorrhea, and syphilis. They all come out negative. The skin thing still continues and get HIV 1 and 2 rapid blood tested on 4/02/12 and it still came out negative. On 4/28/2012 almost 90 days later I get a full blood work again and even get HIV 1 DNA tested (They didn't offer HIV 2 DNA testing) and all the results for STDS and HIV came back negative both blood and DNA. Its not May 15 and I'm so freaked out I never want to have sex again. Could it be possible that the HIV is on my skin but not showing up in blood tests? Did the lab make a mistake? I'm having like panic attacks every day. Could I have gotten HIV from kissing someone?