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Browsing the internet just made me more paranoid than before thinking I may have attracted HIV. Please give me advice, or something.

I should start off first with the fact that I've developed paranoia for awhile from some pot smoking. A little after that I started thinking I got HIV due to having unprotected sex with a man who was much older, and told me he has had sex with a lot of woman. I wanted it to be protected but he said he wasn't going to get me pregnant. Knowing that was not the only problem, I still went a long with it not feeling right about it. I haven't spoken to him since, and he did end up giving me genital warts.
I got sick only a day or two after that had happened and with my paranoia I looked on the internet wondering what was wrong. Just regular flu symptoms and then HIV popped up, and I had a panic attack. I've had them before... nothing strange. I did go to the doctor not too long after that, and my doctor told me because it was less than a week I shouldn't have it, but I went to get tested anyways. I didn't go, because I was scared.
I can't remember if I went for blood work sometime after that, but I do believe I did. And I didn't get a call back. I did get a call from when I got my pap done, and my doctor told me I needed to call back. Well, my mom called secretary said that it really wasn't important, I just needed to go back in 6 weeks for a pap, there was something they wanted to keep an eye on. I already knew by that point I had genital warts, so I didn't worry too much.
The only symptom I've got is skin itchyness. My mother believed I have flea, or bed bugs. She told me times I came over she'd get itchy and have bites on her. I also have dry skin, and ran out of cream that I use to help my eczema so I figured that was it. It still rang in the back of my head that it could still be possible that I still have HIV...
For the past couple of months though I've been in a relationship with this great guy, and we've have had unprotected sex. He knew about the warts, and it never bothered him. He's only had sex once in his life before me. Anyways, yesterday he said he was unusually tired, and wasn't very hungry. He said he was most likely tired due to the fact that he's been working mornings lately, and started his new work out, and body building. Plus he was only home for about 10 mins yesterday then helped me bring out a play pin to my mothers which involves a 35-40 minute bus ride. He wondered what was wrong with his body because he was tired and not hungry. He loves food, and always have full coarse meals, but didn't feel like it that day. He then said "Well, I hope I'm not catching what mom got (his mother is sick, throwing up, and in bed a lot)" I asked him if he's been feeling any more different other than just that. He said "No, other than tired I feel great". I also notice he's been scratching a lot, he said he's been itchy pretty all over his body lately for some reason. I looked, and didn't see no signs of what may look like a rash, just couple little speck that looked like bites... who knows. To be honest, I'm not sure if it'd be fleas... maybe it could be.. two dog, and the biggest never had a bath for the longest time, the smallest was hardly brushed, so very knotty. ..

I am getting really off tracked... the fear of HIV still lingers in my head. I spoke to my boyfriend today and he said he feels great. We were up all night last night just talking and he slept for like 4 hours maybe. He had a big breakfast, and said he felt great today.
I don't know if I'm just being paranoid... do I have HIV? And did I pass it on to the most amazing person in my life?

Help me if you can.


Okay, I am going through the same thing too. I had unprotected sex with someone in January. I saw my GYN a week later and she asked the question they should ask their patients: Did you sleep with a new partner and was it unprotected sex? If you say yes, then they test you for every STD out there. I got tested for HIV and it came back negative. It's good to get tested three months after exposure...sometimes 6 months in rare cases. I looked up the symptoms myself, and I automatically got most of them. If you keep worrying, then your brain can actually convince you that you have HIV.

Anyways, you did have unprotected sex and it's best you get checked for everything.

How long ago did you have sex with this man?