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i am 16.i had unprotected sex on sept 12 8-| yah i june i stopped taking birth control.i was on two different kinds of birthcontrol back to back.but my period was normal.always.i was on depo since march and then in june i was on nuvea ring.after i had unprotected sex i havent had another last period was on the 24 of aug.i took a pregnancy test on sept 18 that was negative.i took another test on sept.26 that was possitive.i have been getting sick from about 1-3 pm every breasts are larger and tender.the smell of certain foods makes me sick.i am noticably tired to not just myself but other people.three days ago i took a pregnancy test at a was was a urine test.could i still be pregnant?


most likely your first pregancy test was not accurate yet because you did not have enough of the pregnancy hormone to show up. sure sounds like you are pregnant, the symptoms fit your description

see your doctor as soon as you can so you can make the best of it