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Hi, I have these small flesh colored bumps around my penis head rim, but also these tiny bumps are all over my penis head. I noticed these about 5 or 6 months ago, they dont itch, bleed, hurt or puss, or pop... there are just there... i also have some bumps near my anus that looks like the same thing. it looks to me like it could be like hair follicles bumps or something. My family doctor said they were Pearly Penile Papules, and didnt look to him as Genital Warts at all. But you see i have them around my shaft right below my penis head also, can pearly penile paplues enter this region? i have alot of questions sorry... But i have ALOT of small flesh colored bumps above my knee caps that look like the bumps on my head of penis... do i have something or is it just a skin condition?

Please anwer some questions for me, im 17 and its getting to me emotionally... please help.


sounds like HPV.. Def. see your doctor or visit an STD clinic or health dept for a forsure answer..