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Just like out skin, our hair is unique to our bodies. It requires certain nutrients in order to be healthy and grow. the trick is finding out what works for you.

If you’re anything like us, you’ve lost count of how many times you’ve left the house and been hit by jealousy that someone else has much more volume to their hair, with amazing thickness and health at the tip of each hair. But each time you see these hair heroes yourself, just remember that this type of vibrant style doesn’t come overnight, and the fact is that their hair regime has probably been honed over years of choice and counter-choice between different products, brands, and habits.

Why Have Healthier Hair?

For starters, having healthier hair means you will have better-looking hair and can massively increase your self-confidence. Spending time concentrating on what you’re doing to your hair will get you into better habits, too. Shorter hair may be easier to manage, but when it gets past a certain length, the ends and roots both start to become unhealthy, greasy or split, meaning there may well be trouble in hair paradise. It’s really important to look after your hair because dirt and germs can cling to it, too. If you’re looking for reasons to keep on top of hair hygiene, look no further.

To Grow It, Cut It

I understand that this kind of sounds like taking one step forward, and two steps back, but believe us. The more regularly you cut your hair, the less chance of higher loose ends, therefore you’ll need to cut less hair next time you get a trim, and so on and so forth. Most people cut their hair when it needs to be cut, but why not trying cutting it before that, and giving your hair a great chance of growing healthier and making it easy to grow your hair long.

Supplement Your Current Routine

Whatever you’re doing currently, stop and take a moment to think: What shampoo are you using? Do you use conditioner? There are plenty of shampoos on the shelves that actually offer additional ingredients that can help with healthier hair and a healthier scalp. Just in the same way you start a diet to perfect your body, make sure you know what you’re putting into your hair, too. There are mounds of over-the-counter products you can buy that offer natural hair vitamins and nutrients that encourage your hair to grow and grow healthy. Take a look around the internet to find what you want.

Brush Your Hair!

This may not be quite the hot take I’m making it sound, but people with mid-range hair length might hardly ever brush their hair. If you have short hair, then it doesn’t matter too much, but brushing your hair for a minute twice a day. Brushing your hair will stimulate the follicles and help move the blood around your scalp which in turn helps your hair become healthier and grow faster. Keep in mind, brushing with a comb is better than using a brush because you get far less damage. Other than that, it just looks much better brushed every day. Soft, clean, healthy and straight. A hair dream.

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