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Hi it's me Bakura, lately i have noticed that i have little white spots on the skin of my penis (mostly on the heads skin) they dont hurt or have any lyquid inside and they are tinny. like little dots made from a pen. What are they please help. I haven't visited any doctor i am kind of embarassed, and they are not sexually related for i am virgin. ;-)


No dots and spots can be diagnosed without being seen. If the dots look like pin heads and are situated just under the head on corona (ring-like part of the head), then it is quite possible that they are penile pearly papules. These bumps are perfectly harmless, and don’t cause any trouble, I have them as well. They appear in one or a few rows, are flesh-colored and smooth.

They are never removed but if a guy can’t cope with them being there I reckon they could be removed by cryotherapy or something like that.

You can’t pass them or get them through any sexual activity and are therefore considered a normal penile variant. It is not known what causes these bumps.

Like I already said, they don’t cause any trouble or symptoms and may go away or decrease in number over the years when you get older. Until then, they are here to stay!