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i would like someone help. i am 14. i have been suffing from consent dizziness,ringing in my ears, and consant painfull headaches that never go away. the dizzyness has been so bad that i have missed 2 weeks of school. i need someones opinoin. no doctors we've been to know.
please help me and my family if you have any advice.Code:

thank you


From the symptoms you describe, I would be suspicious of some sort of ear infection (usually caused by bacteria). Since you said you've been to see doctors, I'm trying to think of something they would miss. If this condition is really affecting your day-to-day functioning, it's important to consider it a serious matter. You might want to go to a specialist; an ontologist (ear specialist) or an otolaryngologist (ear, nose and throat specialist who knows a lot about the head in general).

These are just my suspicions from hearing your symptoms. My only advice is to keep trying different doctors; eventually you will find one who can diagnose and, hopefully, help you.