From the semen analysis reads: Appearance: opalescent. PH. : 8 Volume: 1.0ml Sperm concentration: 42x10^6 /ml Total density: 42x10^6 Motility 1st Hour : 55% Motility 2nd Hour : 50% DIRECTIONAL MOTILITY AFTER Forward Progression: 45 Normal: 60 Head Abnormalitie : 10 Mid Piece Abnormalitie: 21 Tail Abnormality: 9 Viability 1st Day : 95 WBC: 1x10^6/ml COMMENT: 45% Estimated Normal with sluggish directional motility across microscope field. AND SENSITIVITY: CULTURE: Isolated/growth: No growth, after 24hrs of incubation. kindly prescribe medication for me.