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i had never started my period and then i had sex may 19 and later on i started my period then on november 28 i stopped and havent had a period scince. and its january 6 am. am i pregnant? should i still take a test?


no, when you first start your periods they are very irregular, and will continue to be unpredictable for a few years before settling into a regular monthly cycle, you can go months without having a period at first. i find it a little amazing how you waited seven months after having unprotected sex to wonder about pregnancy!!!

please, if you are going to be having an adult, sexual relationsihp, use contraceptive protection.. condoms, the pill etc. or you WILL get pregnant sooner or later.

i strongly advise you have a thorough understanding of the reproductive system before having sex. if your first period came late november, you will have ovulated (roughly, depending on cycle length) early november. which is months away from when you had unprotected sex. so theres little risk.