Hii, i've been addicted to Codeine for almost 1.5 year, i stopped the drug cold turkey, went through withdrawal, then started Subutex for 3 months, then again i stopped it cold turkey (as i didn't want to substitut a drug for another. Again i went through withdrawal from hell.

Now that the acute withdrawal is over, i still suffer from PAWS (loss of motivation, insomnia, drug craving  ..etc). I have some questions and i'd appreciate if anyone could answer me.

1. What's the defenition of Sobreity, does it mean abstinence from Codeine only, or all opiates, or all psycho-actif drugs !!! such as Alcohol ? If so, is the abstinence temporary (like 1-2 years), or is it lifelong ?

2. I oddly developped some craving toward, Nicotine, Cafeine and sugar !! considering i was a very occasional smoker, i've never liked Cafeine or sugar food.  Can these things exacerbate my PAWS, and do i have more risk to be addicted to Smoking, considering i've always been a social smoker ??

3. Does the psychological craving toward Codeine go away, is there a time frame or is it lifelong !!