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I have been addicted to heroin for a long time now, I have tried different detox programs, and I have been on methadone program and it worked well for me. I'm considering switching to buphenorphine therapy. What’s the difference between methadone and buphenorphine does buphenorphine create addiction too?


Methadone therapy is being developed in the sixties. Methadone, heroin, morphine and other opiates function just like any other neurotransmitter in the brain and in order for them to show their effect they need to have specific receptors on the nerve cells. The basic idea behind methadone therapy was to replace heroin’s place in the receptors of the brain so that the molecules of heroine wouldn’t have anymore receptors to be attached to. That would cause heroin to lose its effect on the organism. But the main drawback of methadone therapy is that you get equally addicted on it, just like on heroin and you can't get off it. On the other hand, buphenorphine is less addictive, lower doses are used during treatment and you can stop being addicted to it with time by gradually reducing the doses. Other advantage is that you don’t have to take buphenorphine every day like methadone, usually you take it few times a week, it also has a stronger antagonistic effect towards heroin so that only high doses of heroin can “push out” buphenorphine, so it can't be misused – it provides physicians a greater control over the detoxication process of their patients. Buphenorphine is a narcotic just like any other it does create addiction but that addiction can be treated.


For the recovering addict, does suboxone work as well as methadone as far as the feeling you get or the cravings. Does it affect the recovering addict the same way? In other words, if a person is taking methadone right now and switches to suboxone will he feel a difference?


subutex and suboxone will get you jammed just as much as smack but less euphoria. it also will make you nausious and dizzy if you are not commijng off smack.

so yes, its just as powerful a high as herion the only difference being less euphoria.

If you can, get subutex. It dosnt have naloxone in it which I just don't trust at all.


:-( %-) please, if anyone has info on this let me know, i am under the care of a detox physican. i just wanted to talk to someone who actually went thru such a program, or close to one.
thank you


I've used both for "detox" purposes. Methadone at 40 mgs/day for 3 mos and Suboxone 16 mgs/day for 2 mos. First off, the amt of Suboxone I was taking regularly was way too much. Once stabilized you should be able to get by on 4-8 mgs of Suboxone every one or even two days. Don't learn the hard way like I did.

Methadone was better at COMPLETELY killing the craving to use dope. Where as Suboxone left me wanting more on some days. It's only a partial agonist and doesn't provide the euphoria and complete comfort that methadone can. Methadone was a little harder getting off of. Although they are both tricky and about the same. You don't get the monster physical w/d symptoms like dope, but it's no picnic and the symptoms last a lot longer. Took me close to a month to feel close to normal again with each. Insomnia and RLS are a pain in the ass. I wouldn't expect to sleep much for the first couple weeks when getting these two.

Bottomline: If I had to do it all over again (please God, "no!"). I would do a real quick Sub detox (7-10 days). I've heard a lot of people do this with minimal w/d symps. I'd only do maintenance on either if I kept relapsing after short detoxes. I've been 98% clean for for four months following sub detox.


I'm on suboxone now -. The question is - I have a friend that needs to detox. How would they detox using suboxone for 7-14 days ?


Hi i'm Shelly please ignore any spelling mistakes i'm in a rush :$ .

My problem is ..i've been clean of herion for 6 years i've never touched herion since 2002 .I have no desire or do i NOT crave herion ever .Infact i hate the bloody stuff and i wouldn't take it if it was free .

When i came off herion back in 2002 i was put on subutex/bureophine at 18mg i found the subutex to be great after the first few days because i was injecting herion when i started my subutex 18mg it wasn't holding my with draws .But after 2 days i was fine ,so remeber that people you'll feel c**p going on subutex no matter what dose if you're injecting or using large amounts of herion and you choose subutex when you start your detox etc. :'(

But oce i got passed the 2days subutex was great , i had no withdraws what so ever .Subutex was brilliant , infact i even just started to take 8mg after them first 2 days of switching from herion .I continued to feel happy and led my life like i wasn't even a drug addict or i never had been one.

After 2 years of taking 8mg i was working fulltime and i started to feel like i was withdrawing you know the turkey mode so i started taking 8mg of subutex in morning and another 8mg at eveing .I was still being prescribed 18mg anyway which i know i was wrong to do but i just saved the extra tablets over the 2years and i had now got shoe box after shoe box of extra subutex tablets .Anyway i continued to take subutex in a split dose of 8mg 2x a day and i was still fine for a further 2years .Then a year later in 2006 my drug worker decided to try and get me to do a gradual reduce of my subutex from 18mg ( which they believed me to still be on ) and get me down to 2mg and then 0.4mg of course i was given valium/diazepam and temazepam to help me through . I did get to 4mg aswell and then i had a mental breakdown( don't worry it was nothing to do with subutex or withdraws related) and when i had my break down i was admitted into hospital for 6 weeks .Anyway before i went into hospital i seen my drug worker and he advised because i was strugling with a withdraw by being on 16m down to4mg which was quite bad but not major stuff with withdraws just a little uncomfotable .My drug worker said i could go back to my 16mg of subutex at 8mg took 2x aday like i'd done before i started reducing .Anyway i felt comfomtable again at 16mg aday and i was fine for a another year .Now i'm up to date today at the same 16mg aday x2does morning and night lol mad i know .But in recent times like in last 3 months i've been waking up feeling withdraws all time and dreaming alot of herion and stuff because i'm withdrawing in my sleep as the 16mg aint holding me anymore because over time if you takke subutex or any durg infact you sort of become amune and the effects over time wear off and you find yourself needing more to recieve the same level of whay you've been use to .I've been moaning to my drug worker/drug doctor how i'm feeling withdraws yet again and he wanted me to come off subutex through a home detox as i've been clean from herion for 6 years etc and i need to end my journey of taking herion subistutes i.e subutex .I didn't wanna detox as i'm suffering a great deal with depression and anxistey and i'm bi-polar so i'm ill most days and as i'm a self harmer and have had many attempts at ending my life , i thought this home detox thing would totally push me over edge .The doctor did inform me of lavxine a drug to stop craving but its not an opiate but still i can't do it .I'm feeling c**p now so what am i going to be like in a detox plus i'm on valium and zopidem and venlavaxine and mirtazipene already for bi-polar depperssion so them doctors druging me up aint gloing to make me feel much better as i'm already amune to some of the tablets they wanna use in the detox at home .Anyway i've been to see my drug doctor today and he's listened to my fears of a detox etc and he knows my situation in mental health terms and he's now surggested i go on to METHADONE at 40mgs aday so i'll feel ok as subutex arn't holding me anymore .

After my life story to you all on here sorry by the way i just thought i'd explain my predicament best i can to you all .

My question is ..... am i making a mistake switching from subutex 16mg aday to methadone 4omgs ???????

Another thing aswell my parents wouldn't be to happy about me switching because they see methadone as , as bad as herion with the subutex they didn't really take notice as i've had no sedative reactions even at the start of my subutex time so they actually think i've really been clean in a way for 6years .I'm worried i'll now be kind of sedated and all sleepy being on meths and i'm scared of the rattle the withdrawels when i finally have to come off methadone .


My doctor is starting my methadone change on wednesday end of february last wednesday in feb 09 .

PLease help .I've took methadone when i was 17 for a year and when i went rehabb and came off the methadone it was horrible and it took me 10 weeks to feel normal again so i'm very scared .

Thanks for reading xxx %-)


Hi guest... your feiend will be ok on subutex after the first few days of starting so on day 3 he'll be fine after day 4 i surggest he/she reduce 2mg every day till he/she gets to 2mg and after 2mg break the 2mg tablets into half so it = 1mg and then the last day 1mg again and then end of 10day reduce detox.

He/she may feel uncomfortable like any opiate w/d 's i surggest he/she gets hold of valium from doctor etc and sleeping tabs , painkillers to help through this process .

I know alot of ex friends who have done this and my drug worker has told me many a sucess story of what your friend wants to do so the chances are very good.


that is 100% false. after your first dose, you dont even get 'high'. you just feel like you dont wanna do dope. ive been on suboxone for a few months.

maybe you should know a little about what your saying first.

if someone honestly wants to get off of dope, they should get suboxone and not subutex, because of the naloxone. the naloxone and buprenorphine will make it impossible to get high.

suboxone has saved my life. but its not just the suboxone.

you have to want to get clean. i go to at least 4 NA meetings a week. im working the steps with my SPONSOR. heroin isnt the problem. the addict is the problem. so to effectivly get off of the dope, you need to work on the issues of why you were using it to begin with.

trust me, ill have 6 months clean on july 6th, 2009... and im having the best time of my life.


In my opinion I think Methadone will control your cravings better than Subutex/Suboxone. At least it did with me. I have tried both, and since I have been on Methadone I haven't once had a craving to do really any drug, except pot because that's not a drug in my book.

Good luck with your sobriety.


%-) hi outthere my name is stacy and i would like to congratulate all of you guys for seeking treatment and getting off these killer opiates. ive been struggling with this battle for 12 years. the last time i could not nor did i want to go through the withdrawal so investigated and found the suboxone treatment. i actually feel normal and happy. but i fear that im just replacing one narcotic for another. should i have withdrawn on my own and be done with it or am in just postponing the the reality? i want to know from others who take suboxone whether this is the best alternative.


our friend is correct in many ways. The major difference between the two drugs is that buphenorphine binds to the receptors in the brain tighter that other opiateseg 16mgs of buphenorhine will block any opiates. so if you take your subutex or suboxone then using on top wont work although on smaller dosages can be over ridden. it has been cited that subutex is not as heavey as methadone so it gives you a clearer head you dont feel like you are on anything, also it is said that it also has an anti depressant agent, it is also easier to cut down on and withdrawals are not so intenses as methadone.if you want to reduce have a lighter withdrawal and dont want to use on top buphenorphine is the drug for you.for maintaince its not so great. If methadone works well the only reason to change is if you want shorter less intense withdrawals when you stop. also your feelings and emotions are not so subdued on subutex


Well,,,, I have been using opiods of 1 kind or another since my first demerol injection in 1992 after a sports injury. I did not and still do not drink, smoke or use other drugs. I have tried just about all of them, but only the opiods got me!!!

I still remember my 1st shot for my back injury....i timed the 4 hours until my next dose...i would set my watch to wake me up in the night for a dose. yes...instant perfect euphoria...

I continued to play top level sports and was able to get shots and bottles of pills as needed. Plus...because I was known as a guy who didn't drink, etc. no red flags were raised.

This all caught up to me when my performance suffered and I no longer played... plus I truly do have a major back and hip injury. Pills didn't work and at some point buying pills...I was offered heroin!!!! of course I said no!!! Well...when there were no pills...I sniffed a bag...WOWWWWWWW Cheaper...Cleaner and way better high...

I was a binger...on and off...on and offf.... I would get so into it in 2 weeks that I would self destruct years of relationship and work in 2 weeks.

I tried the AA and NA route with rehab...what a joke...I can teach the course and council with the best of them... no education in counseling, nutrition...medicine, etc. can keep me clean....

Methadone maintence saved my life... I did cheating, got my take outs within about 16 months... but then once again I thought i was cured... reduced slowly 3 mg every week or so...did so well i stopped going at 9 mg from a 100mg dose. Sure enough after about 6 days I was in the worst withdrawl... the program wouldn't let me back and I was back on the streets.

The counselor who worked with me for 3 years asked me why I stopped coming...I told her I thought i didn't need the dose and did not want to drive 1 hour for doses each week. I was not allowed back...and was told to go back to the streets when I asked what I should do!!!!???

In about 1 month I was back in an in=patient rehab being told total drug free was the only way to live!!

I ended up in a county jail for 31 days and shortly after in a 6 week coma from shooting some bad heroin with baby powder in it, in the state of VA.

I went from a solid 220 to 141 at 6'3" and my family was told through the entire 6 weeks that I would not live and if I did I would be retarded and not walk or talk again!!! VENTILATOR, ETC.

The story gets long, but I did live.. learned to walk and talk again!!! I should have not lived.. I asked to have my arms cut off so I couldn't buy and use drugs again. My brother said it best when he said, "You'll just talk someone else into getting you high"! and YES.. I could!!!

I was through with drugs for all time...... well at least until my stregth came back... plus I was doing so well...I figured I would reward myself for good behavior....SOUND FAMILIAR???

I did HEROIN 1 Last time... went into respiratory arrest and just about died again... I didn't , but knew I needed HELP>>>

I was on METHADONE for the last 6.7 yrears.. It works great..I've never gone back for pills or heroin since.

However, I did begin to detox again... New life Married, etc. It is hard to have a family while on methadone... it can be a sperm problem and I have had little sex drive, etc.

I have been trying to detox myself for 2 years... I WAS prescribed methadone for pain, but didn't want to include my dr. in my detox plans. I just tried to take less... up and down...down and up.... It didn't work...(be honest with your dr. if he/she is good to you...we all need to trust at least someone!)

This caused my dose to shift and I began feeling cravings and withdrawl symptoms... Long story short...

I just inducted from 100mg of methadone to subutex last week. My dr. did not try to get me to 30 mg's. He stated that his patients never make it to 30mg. I waited 105 hours and was in withdrawl before taking my 1st 2mg dose of subutex...

No major changes.. increased blood pressure, etc.

another 2mg's 1 hour later and another 2 hours later...

6mg's in me in went to bed.....hahahahahahahaha

I went into the worst withdrawl EVER!!!! Full convulsions, etc. my family knew that the hospital could not alleviate these symptoms.. so I just let the process take place!!!!(dr. told me that ER would be waste of time!!!!)

4 hours was like a year!!!!! It's now been 1 week... I'm still taking subutex 16mg PID and start suboxone 16mg PID on monday.(PID= 2 times per day)

SO far I still feel like c** euphoria...craving like crazy...headaches...super high blood pressure...

If you are wondering the differnce between Methadone and Subutex/Suboxone it is HUGE!!!!

Bup...Suboxone/Subutex will not give you any feeling of euphoria/relaxation/calming etc. Even after 6 years methadone at the same dose for 6 would take the edge off and help me sleep, etc..

My Dr. explained that even though I had told myself that the methadone was not affecting me, it was!!! Subutex will only give an opiod virgin or rookie a feeling of high.. TRUST me if your problem is 20 hydros a day or 1-2 bags of dope... you'll be ok...if you live in NY like me a did grams of pure heroin or 100 plus mg's of methadone a day... DONT FOOL YOURSELF... YOU WILL MISS THE FEELINGS.(not trying to diss people, but a few hand fulls of hydro's is not the same withdrawl as a meth or subutex withdrawl...just go through it with the help of clonadine, etc. it will be a piece of cake compared to long half life medications) (Look up half-life if you don't understand!)

I'm now for the 1st time in 7 years scared!!!! I have a business a wife and a good life!!! I'm so scared that I made a terrible mistake...

I will say ,my sex drive had increased and I feel my brain is clear,,,,plus I have been loosing sugar cravings at night with subutex...unlike meth..

I hope this helps,,,, be honest with yourself!!!!!!!!!! I thought I didn't need that dose of methadone at 8pm each night!!! I just may have!!!


Both drugs have a downside. Methadone is bad heroin. It has totaly unstable blood level hence the deaths and the benzo dangers. I have a big problem as Methadone is done for profit. The 100 patient limit on Suboxone programs is a built in get better stimulus. I have people 5 years into Methadone on 140 mg. Its your old drug dealer with inc.