navigating your topics is like being a proverbial mouse looking for the cheese in a maze! I strongly disagree that fibromyalgia is not progressive, I tell you it is!  I tried super alternative herbal supplements,vitamins thinking the pain and fatigue I was feeling was diet related. I felt worse and worse! Eventually confirmed Dx of fibromyalgia and many meds ordered &d/cd tried others,etc now on lyrica and more Rx, my pain is worse my symptoms persist! I had always been physically fit, lean,healthy. Intelligently mindful, emotionally strong resilient. Dx with Hashimoto’s thyroiditis in 2000, tolerated fine.2014 suffered concussion and neck injury and that’s when my health took a turn, that’s when I began my vitamin regime, only to progress, then once on the fibro meds, which are psych meds; drs approach is now you must have a pyscosomatic disorder, then referred to a psychiatrist for med management. So then add that dr to the list and all drs think your crazy!!!!! Please,have a heart! People afflicted with fibromyalgia have”Other” contributing issues. It’s insulting to say do yoga or massage therapy! Just to move or be touched is painful! If I can’t move on maxed out meds, does anyone expect me to perform a down dog position? Really!?? Treat this as a real true medical condition that is NOT understood! I would have a biopsy of my muscles, fascia, ligaments and tendons done to help research, I was extremely strong and kept my muscles stretched and loose. I worked hard, and ate well. This is destroying my life, I force myself to walk, some days I just can’t move-I want too but can’t! I have post traumatic brain injury concussion syndrome and neck and shoulder pain that is unrelenting add fibromyalgia to that which I believe is directly related to my diagnosises and be sure, it is progressive, it is debilitating and should be recognized as such!!!!!!!