I had sex with my now ex boyfriend the weekend before new years last year (2008.. now 2oo9 . of corse lol). since then i hav not had my period for two months. this will be the third month of not having my period if i dont get it this march.. my best friend said to take a test but i hav no money to buy one.. she said it might be stress, as i have been stressing quite abit.. coz i know we didnt use protection as we were both drunk that night.. im scared and dont know what to do really...

ever since that night i hant been able to stop thinkin
if i was pregnant or not.. :-(

im hoping it has just been stress that has caused my period not to come..

im only 15. 16 in a few months.. my best friend can get her mate to pay for an abortion for me if i need one.. but how much wuld it cost if i am infact 3 months pregnant?

sorry this is sooo long.

im pretty sure ive put on weight in my stomache area...

i feel bloated sumtyms and get some cramps that make me feel liek i hav or im getting my period.. but i dont get my period..

thats all ive felt since then.. so...
im really wanting to know if its just stress or am i pregnant? i will get a test soon to make sure.. but please help.
any advice is good advice at this point!

my email address is _[removed]_

please contact me.