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Ok, to start, I'm only 15 years old and i know i shouldnt be having sex but i cant help it

Now, me and my boyfriend havent had sex in 5 months and possibly a few weeks more. I thought i was pregnant then but never took a test because i didnt want my mother to know and i had gotten my period like normal so it was no big deal. then i missed a period about 2 or 3 months later and lately, my periods have been at least 3 days shorter then they usually are.


At the middle/end of November/beginning of October, i started eating all the time, getting hungry easier, getting random cravings (even for things i dont like to eat usually), drinking alot more water, going to the bathroom at least once every 20 minutes (1 and 2 if u know what i mean), ive had major dierreah (probably spelled it wrong) expecially after i eat anything, im tired all day long even though i sleep the same hours i always have tht never used to leave me tired, i fall asleep during the day which is very very unusual, i wake up several times during the night (usually between 3am and 6am), am getting frequent headaches, am EXTREMELY moody, have had cramps the entire time ive had these symptoms, never seem to get full when i used to eat less then a bird, am always very nauseated (especially when i wake up in the morning, highly unusual), my boobs are extremely, EXTREMELY sore, around the time i started getting these symptoms my boobs grew and i cant fit into the only bras i have so im always wearing sports bras which dont support me at all (never have), my boobs feel very very heavy, i dont feel like wearing anything except jeans and a huge sweatshirt over my sports bra (very unusual), my stomach is very tender, i have back issues anyways especially in the low back but lately its been feeling different (different as in a different kind of pain in a lower area then usual), have major mood swings such as feeling the need to cry for no reason at all and snapping at people when all they do is say one bad thing to me (both unusual), feeling extremely alone and uncomfortable and much more in pain when my boyfriend leaves my side, face is breaking out more then usual, been very shaky and on edge, nose running but im not sick and allergies arent acting up (not stopped up just runny), have alot of lower body spasms, dont feel like doing anything unless my boyfriend is there with me, dont have any energy anymore, cant lay on my sides and i usually do even when im on my period, more comfortable on my back and feel sick anytime im on my stomach, i have a slight pudge at the lower part of my stomach and i looked last night and it looked a little bigger to me and im not sure if its because of the amount of food ive been eating or...


My mother is pregnant for the 5th time and says that i sound pregnant and my stepdad says im pregnant but my boyfriend says im not because its been too long and ive had my periods.

Ive told my friend who was just recently pregnant who lost her baby because of stress (she guess thats why she lost it), listened to these symptoms and she says that it sounds like i am to her because this same thing happened to her and she was pregnant but she isnt sure. She's going to get me a pregnancy test because i cant get one without my mom knowing and my mom says she'll get me one to make sure that im not but she has yet to do so, so im getting my friend to get me one. This has happened to several of my friends and im wondering if its happening to me.

I'm getting periods that are alot shorter then they usually are but theyre pretty normal other then that. I just got a period today and i'm very, very confused because im not sure if you can be pregnant and still have periods like this like on the show "I Didnt Know I Was Pregnant" or not.

When i take online quizzes, they all say that i might be because most of my answers sound like im pregnant, my parents say i am, my boyfriend says im not, my friends say it sounds like it to them, and me: im just so confused because of my periods im getting. i just need some help here.

im very obsessed with being pregnant and having children and so is my boyfriend but we just decided to wait until we're older to have kids and ive read about where if you're so obsessed with being pregnant, you could be getting the symptoms because of that but i havent thought about getting/being pregnant/having children in over 3 months now so i dont think thats it.

Is it all in my head or could i actually be pregnant?



Hi Guest,

If you are pregnant you usually don't have a normal period.

Saying that, take a home test.  If you are a couple of months along it should test positive.  Follow all the directions carefully and use your first morning urine.

Good luck.


First of all, Thank you so much.

 and i understand that if you're pregnant, you dont usually have a normal period which is the reason i got confused about everything and then this has happened to my friend and her mom before and they ended up pregnant so i started freaking out and seeking help.

Thank You so much :)