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please help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1


Hi honey! The chances of you having testicular cancer at your age are VERY slim, what it sounds like is a knot in your teste! So I would like you to go and get checked out by your doctor!! It can be from something as simple as an ingrown hair! But you do need to get checked out OK? Good luck and health honey and please let me know how you make out OK?


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hey Wolve,

although it COULD be cancer there are many other non-cancerous things it could be. i would get it checked out to be safe.... if it is cancer you still have your other testicle which will still produce sperm. although i am quite aware of the anxiety that can occur when problems with the testicles happen. i thought that i had an undecended testicle when i was in 5 or 6th grade and i thought at one piont i felt a lump in one of my testicles but it acutally turned out to be either the epididymal or testicular appendix.

go and get it checked out and keep us posted alright? i'm sure it is nothing.

is the lump hard?
where is it at on the testicle (if i were feeling mine where whould i have to feel to feel it?)
is it painful?
can you find one on the other tesitcle?
how big is it? has it gotten any bigger?
How long has it been there

thanks again and good luck