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Hi All,

I am 26 Yr old. I am sufering from pain in left testicle of mine since few weeks and this testicle has srinked to almost half of its original size 3 years ago. I was feeling shy to show it to doctors.
Detailed backgroung about this is that I observed small lump (painlesss) in my right breast around 5 years ago. I thought it could be due to ant byte and awaited before I could show it to doctor. After approx 2 years from then one day I got severe swelling in both the testicles. It was paining too. I showed it to GP and he gave some pills. After that swelling was no more but one of the testicle was shrinked. I showed this to GP once again and said its normal and nothing to worry. I also showed him the lump in the breast which was growing day by day.
Then he refered it the surgen and after X ray and other analysis they said that it is due to harmonal disorder and it will automatically get cured as time passes. He also gave me an option of surgery on my breast just for cosmatic purpose.
There I made a mistake of wating for it to get cured automatically and as a result of it lump in my breast is still growing and also there is a pain in the testicle.
I have read somewhere on the web that its symptom of testicular cancer. Can somebody please help me understand what the problem is and whome should I refer this problem



You should address an urologist. Although testicles usually swell in size with cancer, penile shrinkage is also serious and may lead to its removal depending on the cause.
There are many possible causes of testicular shrinkage and simple explanation including hormonal disorder and it will go away wouldn’t satisfy me.
I can’t say what this could be but you need another evaluation. The breast lump should certainly be looked at with care using mammogram (but it seems that you have already had it and cancer has been rules out). If the lump in the breast is growing quickly, it is probably not cancer but it would be good if you knew or if they could determine with certainty what the lumps was.
Those men whose testicles have atrophied from mumps or other viral infection may be at risk of developing both testicular and breast cancer.
I would suggest you asked for second opinion.