so im 25 years old and went to the hospital for extreme stomach pains and was found that my left kidney is 50% smaller than my right, my ureter is longer than it sould be and my left kidney only works 10-15% when it should be 50-50. i underwent a minor surgery to have a stent put in my left ureter to open the valve. the pain is now near intolerable and i have constant blood in my urine. i am nervous that i may have to have my kidney removed. if that is the case, does anyone know what the risks may involve and what the recovery time is usually? also is this a common occurance? I had a nuclear irinal test done to show the decrease in activity in the kidney. it clearly shows that my left kidney is pretty much shot. im not going to lie i am scared and wanted to know the repercussioins on this surgery and what the chances of kidney removal may be? thank you for your time and consideration.