I am hoping to find someone with a similar situation. I have been searching the web for two moths so far and have not found one forum where there was a situation like my husbands.

My husband was born with a duplicate ureter. After sometime it was discovered the urine had infected the right kidney because it had no where to go. Surgery was done when he was one years old to fix the damage and prevent further damage to his left good kidney. He has always been told he only has one kidney his whole life.

Fast forward 36 years. He starts having severe stomach pains. He describes them as a charlie horse in his abdomen that gets tighter and tighter and won't let go. It comes and goes throughout the day at a tolerable level, but it is at it's worst after he goes to bed at night. He wakes up around 2am with severe pain every night. It progressed so badly we rushed him to the ER. All of his tests came back normal. No infection, blood looked good, creatinine looked good. The only think abnormal they found on the CT  was that both his left and right ureters were very dilated and they noted significant atrophy to the right kidney (in other words it was dead which we already knew).

We were referred to the urologist where they recommended stent placement on the left side. They assumed scar tissue had built up over the years from his surgery when he was one and the urine was not able to flow from the kidney down the ureter properly. They ended up placing a stent on both the right and left side even though the right side was dead. They did this because he had not been tested for the actual kidney function level and they were already in there so it wasn't going to hurt to try.

His charlie horse pains went away the day the stents were in. It was a relief. The stents were very painful, but it was a different kind of pain. Two weeks later the stents were removed without complications. Two days after removal, the charlie horse pains were back. We called the doctor who ordered a renal scan. He had the renal scan done and the doctor explained that his right kidney was at 0-1% function and his left kidney was at 99% function. The doctor discussed removing the right kidney if it was causing pain, but wanted to try bladder relaxants first to rule out bladder spasms being a primary cause. He has been taking the spasm medication for a week and his pain has only gotten worse, not better. Today the doctor called in an anti inflammatory and said to call them in three days to see if it helped while he continues to take the bladder relaxant. If it doesn't help then kidney removal will be the next step. 

Has anyone had a similar situation? I don't understand how you can have a non-functioning kidney for 36 years with no problems and then out of no where be in debilitating pain. Everything I have read says you either form an infection that would cause pain or your kidney would be at 10% or less function which would cause pain. Neither of these are the case. We are very confused as to why this would happen. Any thoughts/suggestions would be very much appreciated.