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i got 2 big stones(1cm&5cm) in my left kidney, and got a severe swelling in my ureter,my urologist refer me for a cystoscopy to check worried...he also told me that the hole of my ureter is quiet small by birth so he can try to large it if he can...the stone issue he told is quiet worried.....



You have to understand that kidney stones are not simple condition. I know that people who have this suffer a lot and they are often in pain because of the stones. Also you can have urinary tract infection that might be caused by kidney stones as well.  I think that you have to find a treatment option that will get rid of your kidney stones and then you should pay more attention to your uterus. I am not sure if these two problems are really connected but you have to get rid of the one by one. Stones can cause a lot of pain so be prepared for this. I hope this helped you.

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